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We are still progressing with the two books;  " The Evergreens Gentle Book Of Practical Living Pointers" and the second NEVER before published; "On Becoming The Architect Of Your Own Future Life"

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Michael Blake Read 

(Born May 22, 1938 - January 27, 2013)

We are sad to announce the passing of Michael Blake Read, husband, father, uncle, friend and changer of lives. He was unique, funny, brilliant, humble and was truly a man ahead of his times.  He was also a writer, a pilot, a fisherman, an audiophile, an innovator and a philosopher. Michael touched the lives of thousands through his 30 years with The Evergreens and later in life when he set sail on his last adventure with Brigantine Marine – and through his random acts of kindness in the community. He will be greatly missed.

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