Who are The Evergreens

As answered by The Evergreens:

"We are a group of discarnate entities that are, in many ways, no different from yourselves. The difference being that we are but separated by vibration, in that we are not of the same vibratory rate as yourselves.

We are in the position of being between existences. Many of us, though not all, will reincarnate again. The number of individual entities in this particular grouping fluctuates but remains within certain limits that we ourselves have decided: between six and seven thousand entities.

We ourselves do not exist beyond time, for that which exist around us exist, and because of its existence, it create time, though we are not constrained by certain aspects of time. Which means that we are not as a cork tossed upon the waters of time, but a cork with the ability to go with, against and sideways in time itself. We are no better; we are no worse; we but see from yet additional perspective. We exist and are as solid and as corporeal as yourselves. We do not exist at the same instant in time but a difference of instants of time. Therefore, we do not occupy the same space but do occupy the same area though differentiated by time.

We ourselves decided because of the changes which are making themselves evident at this time to communicate and interact with yourselves. There is now the greater acceptance of certain actions. Our contract with yourselves is to show that which is already known by the subconscious, to bring it into the area of the conscious so that then the subconscious would have yet another view, so that the subconscious would be able to have yet more choices."

The Evergreens speak through Michael Blake Read while he is in a trance or 'sleeping' state. Elly Roselle acts as the director of the trance state sessions.