A Simple Biography


Michael Blake Read was born in London, England in 1938. He came to Canada when he was fifteen years old, in 1953, to Kingston, Ontario. In 1957, after graduating, he joined an advertising agency in Kingston, Ontario, as a junior. Thirteen years later he was president of his own advertising agency in Toronto. He has been an advertising Copywriter, a public relations account executive, and a senior editor of several major Canadian trade publications. Michael became interested in parapsychology in his mid 3O’s when he joined the Toronto Mind Institute as a Canadian pioneer in Kirlian photography. Within a year Michael was senior instructor at The Mind Institute.

In 1974 he was napping in a recliner between classes at The Mind Institute when a woman came into the room to make a telephone call and asked the person she was calling a question. Michael, fast asleep, answered her question. He woke up about half an hour later to find half a dozen people watching him and taking notes, most upset that he had awakened. While Michael was sleeping, he was answering questions asked by those gathered around him. The personal shock was so great that he went home that evening extremely perplexed. A few days later, he was persuaded by the director of The Mind Institute to try it a second time, and Michael agreed, if only to prove that it couldn’t be done: since then Michael has done more than 12,000 hours of deep trance sessions for groups, individuals, businesses, seminars, research organizations, governments, and publications. During the following twelve years Michael offered private and public sessions with The Evergreens, establishing an unprecedented reputation.

In 1986 Michael moved to the west coast where he married Elly Roselle and together they continued to offer the quality service centered in B.C. but in demand across Canada, U.S., and the world. 

Michael published several collections of the Evergreens’ material that were available in pamphlet or book form. The most popular is The Evergreens Gentle Book of Practical Living Pointers. Michael and Elly published The Evergreens Journal of Future Trends and Directions, a quarterly publication which included The Evergreens’ latest predictions and probabilities in politics, markets, weather, geo-graphical changes, life-styles, astrology, philosophy, and more up until 1998.

The Evergreens, which is a name chosen by Micheal and his partner, stated that they are a group of discarnate entities numbering between six and seven thousand, existing between lifetimes. They have stated that their purpose is not to lead or follow but to aid people in achieving their greatest potential and profitability; to add alternatives, choices and options so that each who hear or talk to The Evergreens are able to live their own lives to greater measure.

The Evergreens have become known for their cheerful, loving, practical, innovative, accurate insight and advice on a limitless variety of topics. A few of the areas on which they have been queried are personal growth solutions, health, relationships, raising children, business, promotion and marketing, personnel, finance, investments, science, technology, farming, mining, law, inventions, weather, politics, ethics, music and arts, design, psychology, dreams, paranormal phenomena, reincarnation and more. The language of The Evergreens is deliberate in the choice of words and is designed so that the listener or reader is able to get as much information in as few words as possible. It also gives additional choice of interpretation depending on the level of understanding.

The anonymity and confidentiality of more than 30,000 clients have been upheld and protected as strict company policy. Michael retired from his work with The Evergreens in 2004. 

Michael Blake Read passed away peacefully on Sunday January 27, 2013.