Who are we?

We are Elaine and Richard Raynault. Michael Blake Read and Elly Roselle are our aunt and uncle. We have been entrusted with the honor and monumentous task of preserving, restoring, archiving and digitalizing the 1,500 public readings given by The Evergreens over the course of 30 years. We profoundly believe in the value of The Evergreens knowledge and uniquely gentle philosophy. We have gladly undertaken this labor of love we have entitled The Evergreens Project.

This wealth of material is safely archived on reels and audio cassettes. Up until now, if you were interested in purchasing a particular public reading by The Evergreens, you could purchase an audio cassette recording or transcript from Roselle + Read + Friends. 

We are excited to present you with the opportunity to begin accessing The Evergreens public archives digital form. It is our goal to continue and broaden The Evergreens influence by making their material available over the internet to researchers, seekers of self-improvement and all those interested in The Evergreens approach. We want their teachings to be preserved and accessible now and for future generations.

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